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Tooth Extractions In Chapel Hill

At Brightside Family Dental, we always use tooth extractions as a last resort when your tooth cannot be saved with any other treatments. However, there are some situations in which removing your tooth may help prevent further complications, relieve your pain and discomfort, and improve your overall oral health. Learn more below, or contact us now if you believe you need a tooth extraction in Chapel Hill.

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Reasons You May Need A Tooth Extraction

You have a tooth that’s been seriously damaged by chronic oral health issues like decay or gum disease
Your tooth is severely infected and cannot be treated with a root canal or other such restorative treatments
Your wisdom teeth are erupting improperly and are damaging your other teeth or are causing you pain and discomfort
You are preparing to get a restorative treatment like a dental implant, bridge, or dentures

What Is A “Basic” Extraction?

A basic or “simple” extraction is used for teeth that have fully “erupted” from your gums, so this is the most common type of extraction for damaged teeth, and for wisdom teeth that have fully emerged and are not “impacted” and stuck in your gums.

As the name suggests, the process is very fast and easy to understand. To begin, Dr. Manish Mistry will clean and numb the extraction site for your comfort. You can also be sedated during this process to ensure that you don’t experience any fear, anxiety, or pain.

Once the site has been prepared, Dr. Mistry will use a few different types of dental tools to loosen the ligament that attaches your tooth to the gums, and prepare it for extraction. Once the tooth has been loosened and is ready for removal, he will grab it with a pair of forceps and extract it.

After your extraction, the site will be cleaned and disinfected, then stitched shut to ensure your mouth heals properly. This process will be repeated if you’re having multiple teeth pulled. Then, you’ll be sent home with a set of recovery instructions that you’ll need to follow as you heal and recover from your surgery.

What Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

The wisdom teeth are your third set of 4 molars, and are a natural part of your mouth. However, they begin to erupt between the ages of 17-25, which is much later than the rest of your adult teeth, which emerge at the age of about 12-13 at the latest.

Because of this, they often don’t grow into your mouth properly. As they grow and emerge, the wisdom teeth can cause a higher risk of oral infections, damage nearby teeth, and cause lots of pain and discomfort.

If this happens, wisdom teeth extractions may be recommended to reduce your risk of complications, eliminate pain, and keep your mouth healthy.

However, not everyone needs wisdom tooth extractions. The best way to find out if you can keep your wisdom teeth is to schedule a consultation with an experienced dentist in Chapel Hill, such as Dr. Manish Mistry.

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anne w.

"I highly recommend Dr. Mistry! He is very thorough and knowledgeable! I recently had a root canal and was nervous about the procedure but Dr. Mistry did an excellent job! He took the time to make sure there was no pain and the healing process went smoothly. He also explained each part of the procedure in a way I was able to fully understand."

trecia j.

"Dr. Mistry was AWESOME. Usually, I am nervous about going to the dentist but he explained the procedure so that I could understand. I left there pain free. My sister Wendy Jarrell referred me and I am grateful.

On behalf of the Jarrell family... We thank you."

bill h.

"Dr. Mistry did a wonderful job on my teeth, particularly the work he did on a bridge on the left side. I would highly recommend him to anyone for your dental needs!"

"We have your entire well-being in mind, not just your teeth."
– Dr. Mistry

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