My Invisalign Trays Aren’t Tracking: What Should I Do?

If you are in the middle of Invisalign treatment and you’ve been noticing gaps between your teeth and your aligners, this could mean that they are not “tracking” your teeth properly. If you don’t take steps to correct this issue, it could lead to delays in your treatment. So, what should you do? Here are a few options:

1. Use Invisalign Chewies To Seat Your Aligners Properly

Invisalign “chewies” can be used to correct the issue. Chewies are flexible, soft rolls of material that look similar to an earplug or a cotton roll.

The purpose of Invisalign chewies is to help “seat” your aligners properly on your teeth. You chew them for a few minutes after you put your aligners back in once you’re done eating or brushing your teeth. 

By chewing on them, you can force your aligners down over your teeth and into the proper position. This is particularly important after you have switched to a new set of aligners, which are likely to be much tighter on your teeth. 

2. Make Sure You Wear Your Aligners For At Least 20 (Preferably 22+) Hours Per Day

If you have noticed gaps between your teeth and your aligners, it’s possible that you have not been diligent about wearing your aligners. Ideally, Invisalign patients should wear their aligners for a minimum of 20 hours per day, with 22+ hours per day being preferable.

If you don’t stick to the schedule, your teeth will not move as quickly as they should. In turn, this will cause your new sets of aligners to track improperly, and cause delays in your Invisalign treatment. Make sure you wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours per day to avoid this.

3. Ask Your Dentist About “Backtracking”

If your treatment has gone off track due to wearing your aligners improperly, or your teeth simply are not shifting quickly enough, contact us to talk about “backtracking.” 

If backtracking is right for you, Dr. Mistry will have you swap your current aligners out for your previous set of aligners. Then, you’ll wear the previous set of aligners for a little bit longer, to ensure that your teeth have moved into the proper position. 

4. Get An Appointment For An Invisalign Treatment Revision 

In some cases, your teeth may simply not be moving quickly enough, or according to your Invisalign plan. If this is the case, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mistry.

He will assess your mouth and give you an Invisalign treatment revision. He may need to issue you some new aligners or use Invisalign attachments and buttons to move your teeth into the proper position. 

Invisalign Not Tracking? It’s Not The End Of The World! 

Even if your aligners are a bit off-track, you can work with your dentist to align your teeth properly, and ensure that your Invisalign treatment continues without any further issues. Interested in Invisalign in Chapel Hill? Dr. Manish Mistry is here to help. Contact us at (919) 338-7010 to see if you’re a good candidate, or feel free to stop by our office at 26 Knox Way, Suite 400, Chapel Hill, NC 27516.

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